Afia brings Black Motion to Sweden!

For the fourth year in a row Afia creates their Pantsula Festival in Stockholm; bringing amazing guest dancers from South Africa to bring awareness and teach about the Pantsula culture. It is a four day festival with dance workshops, lectures, jams, battles and a big party to celebrate at the end of the festival, Club Woza. This year Afia brought none less than the amazing South African deep house duo: Black Motion among other amazing DJs to Club Woza. I am a big fan of their music myself so I was very happy to collaborate in this years edition and contribute with festival and club posters as well as digital formats for their facebook and instagram.

It really warmed my heart to hear the love people had for my artwork. I heard some people even wanted it on their walls in their homes. That shit warms my heart, as an artist!

Thank you Afia for making it all possible. What a night to remember! To learn more about afia go here : To listen to Black Motion, please enjoy this live clip:


Shooting in the sandy streets of Senegal

Editing a few shots of Skywalker from our shoot in Senegal last month (january 2019). A lot of the times when you shoot on location you get interrupted by people walking past or cars driving by, but this day we got interrupted by oxes, haha. Wish they would have striked a pose right next to her…The sandy streets and golden sunset set the mood for an amazing shoot. I love shooting her. Here is a sneak peak. Keep an eye out for the pictures.


Theme logo for OBH Nordica

I created this logo to aid customers in their shopping for a great product. Besides being useful appliances for the everyday kitchen, some products add extra value in the sense that they help reduce the food waste and OBH Nordica wanted a logo that would communicated that. I altered a cursive font and added illustrative sprouts and leafs to get the environmental feel of it all. The words “food waste” are placed in a demi-circle shape that symbolizes a bowl. This logo were created in two colors; red and green. Im sharing the red one here. See more under “Reduce Food Waste” on my design page. Still-life photographer: Ida Halling.

meivisions_reduce_food_waste_logo_OBH_nordica_1200x900px_2 copy.jpg

On the goat mountain

Two years ago now, this beauty invited me to her second home in Kalymnos Greece. A little island outside of Kos and supposedly one of the greatest climbing meccas of the world. Everything was amazingly beautiful there. The beaches, mountains, goats, cafes, boats and OMG the food. I wasn't even disappointed once. I love greek food. One day I did a little body paint on Niki and we set out to chase the perfect location. At one point we were a little worried that we wasn't gonna find the perfect location before the sun set. But voila: found  two places right before and during golden hour. One clif by the water and one closed goat-field high up in the mountains. This is a shot from the goat-mountain. To see more of these click on the Niki-album on the Photography page. 


Woza & Doundounbah

For the third year in a row, Afia arranged their annual Pantsula camp. Founder of the movement: Joanna, is on a mission to ,not only spread joy, but to spread knowledge about the culture of Pantsula and allow a platform for people to learn from the real deal. So many people joined the workshops this week and to top the week off right, Afia, together with Doundounbah, through their first collaborated nightclub together at Södra Teatern. The room was filled with positive vibrations, greeeeaaaat music ( omg! the DJ-duo Jozi Nights took me straight back to Jozi) and towards the end of the night Afia surprised with a pantsula show together with Real Actions Pantsula (the invited guest teachers from South Africa). And there was a vibrant live drum performance that had everybody going crazy. DJ-duo Jozi Nights grabbed the mic and let the music lovers know where the different house tracks originated from. I appreciated that- LET THE PEOPLE KNOW! All in all- a magical night and I was walking around with the camera around my neck and caught some great moments. Below is a few. To learn more about Afia and the next events check out: 


Spotify cover: Alive

Last year Miami based DJ and music producer Skeez 101, and his co-producer Ren Hook from Paris, reached out to me and wanted a Spotify cover for their first track called Alive. This is what happened. Check it out on Spotify. 

Skärmavbild 2018-04-25 kl. 21.55.57.png

We finally met...

I finally got to meet the penguins in the Southern Hemisphere. This penguin was so camera-ready! What an experience. My feet got numb from the ice cold water after 1-2 minutes, I was really surprised by how cold it was. But then again, if penguins love it - it gots to be freezing...But I learned that they are not like the Antarctic penguins, these ones loves sunbathing.


Such a beautiful moment of two lovers.