How to create abstract, hand-dyed paper in a natural way

-Uncoated paper, leaves, flowers, onion peels, and eucalyptus leafs sandwiched between cardboard box pieces. Take anything from nature or your fridge, that you think will add beautiful color to the paper.

-Tie it all together with rusty iron pieces.
-Place in a big pot of boiling water with white vinegar, more rusty metal pieces and oak nuts. Make sure the paper is below surface, it wants to float up, but that's why you tie it to iron pieces (do this outside or in a well ventilated area).
-Allow to boil for apx. 1 hour
-Let paper dry on a big towel.

And voila! You have a beautiful hand dyed paper. It's beautiful to frame, just the way it is, or write a poem and surprise a near & dear one or use it for book binding. I learned this from fine artist and photographer Leslie Marsch.