Images for Linnéa Mitchells' new website

Today was a beautiful workday: I got to shoot Linnéa Mitchell in her home in Stockholm. Linnéa was one of my yogateachers when I did my prenatal yoga teacher training last year. I am very inspired by her and the way she teaches. Linnéa is very down-to-earth and her warm personality fills a room. I remember struggling to stay awake in her classes because her voice is super soothing. She has that type of silky smooth voice that puts you to deep rest in a few seconds! (Fun fact, she actually sells her voice for different projects: voice-overs and guided meditations and you can imagine what her voice sounds like!). Well now it's 2018 and Linnéa has new goals that calls for a brand new website ( She is about to start her new business as "Holistic Core Restore Coach" where she offer different training programmes for women. Programs that anyone can do, whether you have recently given birth, have pain in the pelvis or back, gone or go through menopause or experience less leakage from time to time. Or just want to give your perineum/core a reboot and want to learn more about why it's so important! Linnéas site will be up and running in about 2 weeks. Keep an eye out for that. Here is a sneak peak of our shoot. Ill share more when her website is up.