Woza & Doundounbah

For the third year in a row, Afia arranged their annual Pantsula camp. Founder of the movement: Joanna, is on a mission to ,not only spread joy, but to spread knowledge about the culture of Pantsula and allow a platform for people to learn from the real deal. So many people joined the workshops this week and to top the week off right, Afia, together with Doundounbah, through their first collaborated nightclub together at Södra Teatern. The room was filled with positive vibrations, greeeeaaaat music ( omg! the DJ-duo Jozi Nights took me straight back to Jozi) and towards the end of the night Afia surprised with a pantsula show together with Real Actions Pantsula (the invited guest teachers from South Africa). And there was a vibrant live drum performance that had everybody going crazy. DJ-duo Jozi Nights grabbed the mic and let the music lovers know where the different house tracks originated from. I appreciated that- LET THE PEOPLE KNOW! All in all- a magical night and I was walking around with the camera around my neck and caught some great moments. Below is a few. To learn more about Afia and the next events check out: https://www.joannaholewachrona.com/afia-1/