Create your own photo-wall

This weekend I was down in Stockholm to celebrate my sister: Niki Tsappos' 30th birthday. I have to say that It was the best house party ever. Seriously! So many people came to celebrate her, show her love, and catch up with a community of awesome, talented people. A live DJ (Dj Cheza) was spinning AMAZING music in the corner of her livingroom, while people simultaneously played along on the piano, trumpet, african drums and maracas. People were dancing, eating, drinking, smoking and talking for hours. No neighbors complained about the loud music or the "live orchestra" haha. What a wonderful birthday party. Niki just took house-party to a whole other level. Since I am a photographer I wanted to contribute to the party with a photo-wall that I created out of plastic flowers and tape in the mudroom where all her guests arrived. I just love how the photos came out, bubbly and spontaneous, and only with the light from a regular lightbulb. The photos are taken with a regular point-and shoot camera (no dslr). Don't need much extra when people are THIS FLY! Check it out:


Create a photo-wall at your next party. Just make a beautiful background that goes along with the rest of the party theme. Use what you have at home, or go outside and find flowers/twigs/branches or buy things from the craft store. Making a photo-wall with some cool accessories is also a great way to ease up the mood, both for the people who don't like their picture taken and for those with an inner diva who is always ready to work the camera.